HVRDWAVE Cabinet Hinge – SS201


HVRDWAVE Cabinet Hinge - SS201

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  • Made of 201 Stainless Steel
  • Excellent water & corrosion resistance and durable
  • Fixed Base Type:
    • Full Overlay Design: Designed for frameless cabinet doors, these small hinges help save space in otherwise tight cabinets to improve kitchen convenience
    • Quiet, Soft-Close Damper: Each cabinet door hinge features a built-in damper that creates a soft-closing door for quieter and safer results
    • Quick and Easy Installation: The clip-on plate and 3-way adjustments allow for faster, more efficient installation; great for DIY jobs or contractors
    • Hydraulic design: The hinge adopts the original design of a hydraulic buffer that can be opened more than a thousand times
    • Hinge Details: The design concept of a widened hinge cup and four holes lamp stand, more firmly and fit. Hinge Cup size 35mm * 12mm, fit for door thickness:14-22mm
    • Applicability: Ideal for various types of cabinets, wardrobes, a bookcases for home or office

**Screws are not included**

201 Stainless Steel

201 stainless steel contains a lower percentage of nickel and chromium, making it more cost-effective but less corrosion-resistant than 201 stainless steel. It is a widely used alloy known for its corrosion resistance, higher tensile strength, and excellent toughness.

Here are key points about it:

  • Common Uses: 201 stainless steel is widely used in construction, and manufacturing due to its durability and cost-effectiveness.
  • Magnetic Property: Typically exhibit a degree of magnetism due to their microstructure, especially after cold work
  • Ways to Identify:
    • Laboratory Tests: Conduct tests for hardness, tensile strength, etc. A nitric acid reaction can indicate 201 stainless steel; it shows brown fumigation
    • XRF Spectrometer: Delivers accurate results and is commonly employed for elemental analysis in various applications
    • Stainless Steel Liquid Tester: The most convenient and cheapest way to find out the of stainless steel includes SS201, SS202, SS301, SS304, SS316. [Click here to buy]
Elitaco HG-CBH-SS201

Understanding the variants

Select the right type of cabinet hinge for your cabinet
The diagram below shows the differences between Full Overlay, Half Overlay, and Full Inset.

cabinet hinge, full overlay vs full inset vs half overlay

Cabinet Hinge also known as Concealed Cup Hinge

Additional information

Weight0.9 kg
Dimensions8 × 4 × 2 cm
Material: No selection

Cabinet Hinge type: No selection

Carton Quantity: No selection

200 units

Cabinet Hinge Type

Cabinet Hinge also known as concealed cup hinge